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Why Use HTTPS vs. Http? And What Are the Benefits of Switching?

In the browser’s address bar, have you noticed either http:// or https:// at the beginning of website URLs? Casual internet users may not notice or pay attention to this, but whether a website begins with http:// or https:// is important, especially when entering personal information on a website.
In this age of cyber threats, data breaches and online uncertainty, consumers are losing confidence; however, fortunately there are ways to assure consumers that you are taking the necessary precautions to keep their data safe and secure. One of the best ways to instill confidence in your customers is by switching your HTTP website to HTTPS.
Here are 4 reasons why switching to a secure site will benefit your local business.

User data is encrypted.

HyperText Transfer Protocol, or HTTP, is a structure for transferring and receiving information on the web. The problem with HTTP is that the data is transferred as plain text, meaning anyone that attempts to intercept this exchange of data between the browser and server can read the data relatively easily. On the other hand, HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure, or HTTPS, is a more advanced and secure version of HTTP and it encrypts this exchange of data with an SSL certificate. Using an SSL certificate tells visitors that your website got verified and that their information is being handled safely.

Increased search engine ranking

"Not Secure" Warning

According to a study by CA Security Council, only 2% of customers proceed past the “Not Secure” warnings on an HTTP connection. This means you are likely to lose out on a significant amount of site traffic, simply by whether or not the connection to your site is secure.

HTTPS advantages will continue to increase

The advantages of HTTPS are only going to increase with time and having a secure site now will let you get ahead of the curve and your competition. As data breaches and cyberattacks continue to rise, having a secure site will continue to be more and more important.

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