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Graphic designer Paul Rand once said, “Design can be art. Design can be aesthetics. Design is so simple, that’s why it is so complicated” – and I believe that 100%. I believe in and always strive to create designs that are simple and clean, yet modern and creative.

Every designer has a style of their own

Every designer has a distinguishable set of elements that makes their work recognizable as theirs. My design style is oriented toward minimalist and modern design. This style of design relies on simplicity and clarity through small details. Stunning imagery, sleek typography, an alluring color scheme, and the proper use of whitespace are all essential elements of modern web design.
Three full-length mockups of websites designed and created by Inzone Design, including IMAGN Institute, WAZA, and Master Yachts.

Fully bespoke design

Just like humans, not every brand is the same. Each brand’s unique message and personality differentiates it in the marketplace. My ultimate goal for every project is to create and design a beautiful and powerful website that closely reflects the image and ethos of your brand. Each website is designed and created bespoke, without using pre-made templates – custom-tailored to each client’s needs and brand requirements.

Looks great
on all devices

Responsive design is an essential component in web design, making sure you deliver the same content via mobile as you do via desktop. Adapting for mobile devices gives your users the best experience and ensures that your content is available however and wherever they access your site.
A phone with the home page of the Maria Kelly website on the screen.
Creativity involves breaking out
of established patterns in order to look
at things in a different way.
Edward de Bono
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