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Clean, modern and elegant website for one of the leading beauty, migraine and wellness centers in Europe, IMAGN Institute

Barcelona, Spain

Beauty. Grace. Elegance. These three words are synonymous with IMAGN Institute. The challenge was how to portray these attributes in a website, a logo and the brand’s identity.
Some of the website’s features include beautiful fullscreen images, the use of subtle motion on the before-and-after pages, creating a very unique look and feel, and the ability to make payments for the Master’s Course, directly on the website.
In order to assist patients in understanding all of the terms and procedures, the over 100-page website is viewable in six languages; English, Spanish, Catalan, French, Russian and Arabic.

White Space

Logo Design &
Business Card Design

Macbook and phone on a table showing the About page of Dr. Ahmad Saad on the IMAGN Institute website.
Doctor Ahmad Saad
I have been working on building a personal/business website for three years during which I have worked with three different web development and design companies from three different countries. I have cancelled the work with all three companies because either incompetency or they could not keep up with the commitments we agreed upon initially. Before I met with Paolo in person, I looked over his portfolio and what I found incredible is that no two sites look the same, and each website was elegantly designed with creativity and precision to fit the mission of the website/person.

I decided to commit and work with Paolo, and I think that was one of the best decisions I have made. After spending a lot of time together, listening to my requests, running ideas by me, he created an elegant and very responsive website in six languages. He is very knowledgeable in development with an artistic creative eye, and when he commits to your project, he puts his heart and soul to deliver the best product possible. I cannot recommend Paolo enough for your project.

Dr. Ahmad Saad
Founder / Medical Director, IMAGN Institute

Screenshots of various pages on the IMAGN Institute website.

Brand creation
and identity formation

The brand identity for IMAGN Institute was greatly influenced by the golden ratio, a mathematical ratio commonly found in nature. The golden ratio evokes visual calm and aesthetic perfection which helps generate a comfortable and sophisticated feeling.
We chose bronze as the main accent color for the brand for the color bronze symbolizes strength and support and is a color that motivates, soothes and inspires – a perfection match with what IMAGN Institute represents.
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