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30+ Examples of Notable Brands Using WordPress

WordPress is by far the most widely used content management system software available, powering over 40% of the internet. So who uses it? Are there any well-known companies or brands using WordPress? There are.
Here is a list of 30+ notable brands using WordPress – listed in no particular order:
Sony Music is a global music company owned and operated by Sony Corporation of America, and its website is powered by WordPress. The site features a slider to showcase its artists and bands, as well as pages dedicated to news and career opportunities.
Rimac Automobili, now part of Bugatti Rimac, is a leading electric hypercar manufacturer. They are a forward-thinking company that designs, engineers and produces some of the fastest and most exclusive cars in the world. Their website, powered by WordPress, features a custom vertical menu and fullscreen videos of their hypercars, team and factory.
This platform serves as Microsoft’s official hub for news and stories about its products, initiatives, and innovations. The website includes press releases, feature stories, multimedia content, and resources for journalists, all organized in a clean, navigable layout highlighting Microsoft’s corporate and technology news.
As the global alliance of zoos and aquariums, WAZA’s site promotes animal conservation, providing insights into their programs, partnerships, and global initiatives. The site features interactive maps, conservation resources, news updates, and member zoo and aquarium highlights, reflecting their commitment to wildlife preservation.
Known for reporting on the business of technology, startups, and Silicon Valley, TechCrunch’s website is rich in articles, startup profiles, analysis pieces, and exclusive coverage of tech events, all presented in a format that’s engaging for tech enthusiasts and industry professionals.
Time magazine’s online presence is a comprehensive news portal, featuring articles, opinion pieces, and multimedia content across various categories like politics, business, health, and science, designed with journalistic integrity and a focus on storytelling.
This iconic band’s site serves as a central hub for fans, featuring tour information, album releases, band history, and exclusive merchandise. It combines vintage and modern design elements, reflecting their legendary status in the music world.
As a leading magazine covering current and future trends in technology, Wired’s website offers a mix of articles, blogs, and videos on topics like technology, science, culture, and business, all presented through a tech-savvy and aesthetically sophisticated design.
This digital media platform is known for its multi-platform content, focusing on tech, entertainment, and culture. The site features a clean, user-friendly layout, rich with articles, videos, and infographics that appeal to its tech-savvy audience.
As a major Australian newspaper, their website combines breaking news, local insights, and in-depth journalism, with features like live updates, video reports, and interactive content, tailored to engage a broad readership.
Vogue’s website mirrors the sophistication and style of its print counterpart, featuring high-fashion editorials, runway coverage, beauty tips, and exclusive interviews with fashion icons, all presented in a visually rich and elegant design.
Created by Rovio Entertainment, the Angry Birds website is vibrant and fun, reflecting the game’s playful nature. It includes game information, updates, merchandise, and interactive elements to engage fans of all ages.
The fastest man’s site highlights his achievements, upcoming events, and personal projects. Its design is dynamic and visually engaging, with multimedia content showcasing his races, records, and off-track initiatives.
The corporate site for The New York Times focuses on company information, investor relations, and press releases, presented in a layout that reflects the newspaper’s reputation for journalistic excellence and integrity.
The official website for the White House offers a wealth of information about the current administration, policy initiatives, historical data, and news updates, all structured in a user-friendly manner that promotes transparency and public engagement.
As a company that specializes in smart home gym equipment, their website emphasizes product features, customer testimonials, and expert fitness advice, all presented through a sleek, modern design that aligns with their innovative brand identity.
This site offers a blend of news, opinion, and culture content, with a focus on arts, entertainment, and lifestyle, presented in an intuitive layout that caters to a sophisticated readership looking for in-depth analysis and high-quality journalism.
This nonprofit organization’s website serves as a resource for finding and licensing Creative Commons-licensed content. It features a searchable database, educational resources, and guides on how to use CC licenses, all aimed at fostering an open and accessible internet.
The official site for this NBA team features team news, schedules, player profiles, video highlights, and ticket information, all designed to engage and inform fans, with interactive elements enhancing the user experience.
Jay-Z’s official website showcases his multifaceted career and interests, combining music, fashion, and lifestyle in a sleek, modern design. The website is rich with exclusive content, multimedia elements, and articles that reflect his influence in various industries, resonating with fans and followers of his luxurious and artistically driven lifestyle.
The pop star’s website features her music, tour dates, merchandise, and fan club information, presented in a vibrant, visually captivating style that matches her pop persona and engages her global fan base.
Known for its oddities and bizarre facts, Ripley’s website is as engaging and unusual as its exhibitions, featuring strange stories, interactive elements, and information about their museum locations, all designed to amaze and entertain.
This tabloid’s website offers a mix of sensational news, entertainment, and gossip, presented in a bold, eye-catching layout designed to grab the reader’s attention and encourage click-throughs.
The site features a variety of articles, stories, jokes, and quizzes, catering to its broad readership with content that is both informative and entertaining, presented in a clean, accessible format.
This site is sleek, stylish, and sophisticated, much like the titular spy, with updates on movies, behind-the-scenes content, and information on the franchise’s history, all wrapped in a design that evokes the series’ iconic imagery.
As a premier source of entertainment news, Variety’s website is rich in articles, reviews, and interviews covering Hollywood and beyond, presented in a layout that’s as dynamic and engaging as the entertainment industry itself.
This site showcases Disney’s range of children’s books, with colorful, engaging layouts featuring new releases, classic titles, and interactive content for young readers and families.
Harvard University’s official news website features articles, research updates, and university news, presented in an academic yet accessible style, reflecting its status as a prestigious educational institution.
The Brazilian arm of Toyota uses its site to showcase its car models, offering detailed information, photo galleries, and a build-your-own-vehicle feature, all presented in a user-friendly interface that aligns with Toyota’s brand.
This site serves as a portal to all things Sweden, offering insights into Swedish life, culture, travel, and business, presented in a design that’s as welcoming and innovative as the country itself.
The website for AMC networks is features its television shows, exclusive content, and schedule information, presented in a way that engages viewers and promotes its programming.
This nonprofit organization’s site focuses on community leadership and civic engagement, featuring news, events, and educational resources, all presented in an inspiring and user-friendly format that reflects the Foundation’s mission.
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