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FreshFin is all about offering its customers healthy, high-quality food while taking care of its communities and the environment


FreshFin is a family and friend-owned, award-winning restaurant with seven locations throughout Wisconsin and Utah. Their business model is very much geared towards offering fresh and nutritious food sourced from sustainable fisheries, all using 100% recyclable bowls and products.
The website is very clean in design displaying beautiful images of the food and the interior of the restaurants. This clean design correlates nicely with FreshFin’s mission of promoting a healthier lifestyle in their communities. The menu is easy to read and ordering online is simple and straightforward.
Founding Partner of FreshFin, Nate Arkush
Thank you Paolo!!

We have worked with him for a number of years! We couldn't ask for a more experienced, responsive, and friendly web developer! Paolo treats each of his clients like family and has an quick response time. Even being in a different country, that doesn't prevent effective collaboration and worthwhile brainstorming sessions. If you are looking for a professional, creative, efficient web designer - Paolo Inzone is your man! We are excited about the partnership for years to come!

Nate Arkush
Founding Partner, FreshFin Poké

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