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Elegant website for renowned chef and founder of Alloro Private Dining, Pasquale Martinelli

New York, New York

Pasquale Martinelli is a top New York Private Chef with over two decades of experience serving Italian and Mediterranean cuisines. After working in and developing menus in several high-end and Michelin-star restaurants in London, Milan, and New York, he was presented with the opportunity to be featured on The Martha Stewart Show. The exposure was all it took for Pasquale to launch his own private chef and hospitality company–Alloro Private Dining.
Alloro offers personal chef services and private dining experiences in New York City, the Hamptons, and the surrounding metropolitan areas. With an old, low-converting website, Pasquale needed a new website to capture the attention and interest of New York’s high society. Most importantly, he needed the website to be a mobile-first website design that was fully responsive and would adapt to the device his potential clients were using to browse.
The result is a sophisticated and elegant website that reflects the high-end nature of Alloro’s services. The website is optimized for both desktop and mobile devices. It serves as a digital platform to connect Alloro with potential clients, providing information about their private chef and corporate event services.
Within days of its launch, Pasquale’s team notified me that they were receiving lots of positive feedback and that already the website was very successfully converting visitors to clients.
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