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Clean and very user-friendly website for P-CMR[C] with ease-of-navigation being top priority

Barcelona, Spain

P-CMR[C] (previously CMR[B]) was born with the aim of having a transformative impact on the way that basic, pre-clinical and clinical research in regenerative medicine is coordinated and eventually transferred to clinical practice in Catalonia. They carry out fundamental research aimed at solving outstanding bottlenecks to the successful implementation of strategies of regenerative medicine.
As they were in the process of going through institutional changes, including a restructure of the organization and research focus, as well as moving to a larger and more suitable location for their research, one of the group leaders contacted me stating that they would like that the transition be paralleled by a radical change of the website, for their website they had was not at all representative of the innovative research, services and organization.

Ease of Navigation

In the world of research, there are constantly discoveries being made and articles being published. Unless organized well, all these publications can become difficult to keep track of.
With very little structure, over the years, the old CMR[B] website had become extremely unorganized. At times, even the researchers themselves would find it difficult to locate specific articles they had written. For this reason, for the new P-CMR[C] website, ease of navigation and the ability to find articles fast and easy was one of the top priorities.
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